Update 0.1.4#721 - Sniper FFA

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Update 0.1.4#721 - Sniper FFA

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Update 0.1.4#721 - Sniper FFA

Good day, lovely community!

Added three maps that have a Sniper Duel mode in FFA format.

- ffa_electrified - Tricolor cubes
- ffa_slimi - Medieval fortress
- ffa_mon - Mountain coast

You fight in FFA, but only with all kinds of sniper rifles.
You can also earn Cash if you shoot Bags of Сash (5 Cash).


The winner of the FFA battle gets 10 Cash

We invite you to play in this ffa
to take a different look at sniper duels.

You can join the server here:

Also for Private Servers, new maps have been added to the list:

- de_dust2002 - dust with height differences
- awp_map_hd - HD quality textures in the crosshair
- 35hp_xmas - Christmas mood
- awp_sterile - Lots of white color along with awp
- gg_sterile - Lots of white with awp, but more fun
- cs_agency_go - FBI welcome day
- gg_elite_1337_v2 - gg without a knife, but with a fountain
- de_kabul_css - Like dust, but kabul
- de_dust3_css - The forgotten sequel
- de_inferno_wh - Classic, but with the possibility of a bullet
- de_dust2_wh - Boring classics, with the possibility of a bullet

If you have any suggestions, just text Waxman in PM.
Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/rEfqPq8ebe

Stay Tuned.
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