Tips for all the newbies!

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Tips for all the newbies!

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1. Counter-strafing, while peeking press the other direction, quickly, to reduce your velocity faster. For example, you strafe right with with d, then you should press a, quickly. Counter-strafing will also make you better awper (you don’t have to crouch peek anymore :) )

2. Use your utility effectively, nades - throw in choke points, common CT camp spots, or to the peek corner your enemies at, flashes - throw it when entering a cite, throw them where you think your enemies are looking, also you can turn away then peek to catch them off-guard, smokes - pretty much useless (transparent), unless you smoke stack to obstruct the view better, use in chokepoints (where the are coming out from), or to plant bomb/defuse

3. Burst-fire at long ranges, m4 - 3 bullets with slight pull down, ak - 2 bullets for slight pull down. Pulling down to counter the recoil. Move around by strafing left to right or using a wall to peak back and forth (keep your strafing/peeking inconsistent and random.

4. Please, just, please stop moving when shooting...

5. Don’t rapidly spam your mouse for pistols, aim for the head and do medium-slow consistent shots, moving around and jumping (only for ups and glock will help).

6. AWPing - quick-scope for a slightly better accuracy then no-scoping, also crouching while no scoping = laser beam, jumping then shooting works too but not a recommendation I would advise.
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