problems with my ping

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problems with my ping

Post by JRR10UELME »


A few weeks ago my ping remains too high.
The average in my country (Argentina) is between 35/120. mine is above 250.
I usually participate in brazilian servers.

I have all programs closed. there is good connection. I can't find the point. any foot / sign would be very helpful.

Thank you very much already.

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Re: problems with my ping

Post by Yuri »


Yes, we see some overloading at night on the Brazilian server.
It will have a boost, but it will come a little later.

For now we can advise this settings:

Tuning for Network Optimization.
You should try it both on and off:
Pic -

Change the screen resolution and width as shown in this picture:

Clear your browser cache and reload it:
Example of clearing browser cache -

You can also use special browser settings, which are called using this line,
if you paste it into the address bar in the browser:

Next, there will be settings that need to be set in this way, you can search for them on the page using the CTRL + F combination:

Override software rendering list — Enabled
GPU rasterization — Enabled
Zero-copy rasterizer — Enabled
Out of process rasterization using DDLs — Enabled
Smooth Scrolling — Enabled
Experimental QUIC protocol — Enabled
Parallel downloading — Enabled
Enable Windows.Gaming.Input — Enabled
Heavy Ad Intervention — Enabled
WebGL 2.0 Compute — Enabled
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