Premium Status Description

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Premium Status Description

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Premium Status

Main Link for buying Premium: Website Link

- Premium features

- Join any server even it's full (bonus slot). *Private servers can disable it.
- x2 Cash and Exp 💵 (Getting Cash and Exp - Link).
- Unlimited Rounds (play as much as you want and where you want.)
- Your nickname on the scoreboard and in statistics will turn to yellow.

- Premium Knife by Waxman


You will get it after getting premium status.
If you had a premium, then you will also get this knife.

You can set Premium Knife in the Settings


- Premium Skins

Image Image

Counter-Terrorist Premium Skin and Terrorist Premium Skin

Skins are only available during the Premium Status.
You can set them in the Shop

Image Image

- Premium Sounds for Premium Players.
You can activate them via the game chat.


Server Owners can change сooldown between playing Premium Sounds.


Full list of Premium Sounds Commands:

haha, beback, goodbye, comeon, wow, alive, bruh, cena, club, damn, doit,
dude, god, holy, howdy, illum, lol, nani, nice, no, run,
running, sad2, sad, sorry, stuck, triple, watchout, woohoo, wow2, yes,
cendere, domdom, mehter, kiss, non, nan, 7koy, snow, jingle, newyear, happyny
walk, roll, wakeup, theend, train, tiger, bells, goat
bella, fun, loco, nemkaldi, nen, cartel, ciao

You can buy premium here: Link

Stay Tuned!

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