Update 0.0.4#109

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Update 0.0.4#109

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Update 0.0.4#109 changes:

- Vote kick / ban system. Available by pressing a crosshair button in the top left screen corner.
Players can vote against own team members only.
Vote ban banning player only at this server and for 30 minutes.

Private servers can disable this system.
- The HUD armor icon now reflects the purchase of a helmet.
- Player stats now display the percentage of headshots.
- Name change is available for registered players only.
- Nightvision disabled.

- Players are able now to select prefered game client to play: Classic, CZ, CSS, Benders.
Alternative weapons animation is working only on Classic game client.

- Disabled white console opening by "~" button.
- Fixed name change issues.
- Fixed round counter abuse, when player can play infinitely without Premium.
- Fixed lack of sound in the game when entering the server using a direct link.

Stay tuned!
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